Savings / Money Market

Competitive savings accounts for your business.

At One Community Bank, we’re all about finding the right options for your evolving business needs. Our savings and money market accounts maximize ease and interest — so your money is always working for you.

Business money market account

The higher your balance, the higher your interest rate.

  • Tiered interest rate that increases as you grow your balance
  • Balances over $35,000 receive our maximum yield
  • Open with and maintain $10,000 in your account to earn interest
  • Withdrawals are limited to six per month

Business savings account

Simple, no-frills savings account that provides a safe haven for your funds — as well as immediate access.

  • Minimum balance of $100 to open account and earn interest
  • Convenient access using checks, ATM, debit card or online banking
  • Pair with business checking for the most flexibility

Certificate of Deposit

Any of our CDs can be part of your business’ investment portfolio.

  • Both traditional rates and terms, and ongoing specials
  • Terms from a quick 91 days to five years
  • Ask about special limited-time CD offers

Interest on Lawyer Trust Account / Interest-Bearing Real Estate Trust Account

  • Interest earned on IOLTA paid monthly to Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation
  • Interest earned on IBRETA paid annually to the Wisconsin Department of Commerce