Mortgage Loans

Mortgages for refinancing, buying or building a new home.

Whether you are refinancing your home or buying or building, a new house is one of the most important decisions you’ll make with your money. Our mortgage lending team is one of the most experienced in south-central Wisconsin. They can help guide you through the process seamlessly, step by step. We focus on the details — so you can focus on transforming your new house into your dream home.

Competitive mortgage options to fit your lifestyle.

We offer competitive rates and many different options for financing your dream home. Mortgage rates are very important, but they are not the whole story. It’s also about the white-glove service you receive during the home loan process. Exceeding your expectations is a top priority when we help you buy or build a home.

Why choose One Community Bank for your mortgage?

  • Many mortgage options, including money-saving programs:
  • Local underwriting and decisions from mortgage experts who know the area and may even live down the street.
  • Personal attention from your loan officer. Pick up the phone anytime. You will receive a call back quickly, providing you with details you need to keep the process moving. Our team will remain in close contact with you through the closing so you know what is happening and when.
  • Highly experienced mortgage loan officers anticipate and handle the complexities of your home loan process.

This is likely one of the largest investments you will ever make. Our loan officers recognize this and make the best recommendations possible to help you maximize your investment. As seasoned professionals, they are also skilled at asking questions and uncovering details to be addressed before the closing, so you can move into your dream home — on time!

Ready to make the move?

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