OCB Announces Creation of the OCB Advisory Board

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One Community Bank Announces Creation of the One Community Bank Advisory Board

One Community Bank is excited to announce the creation of the One Community Bank Advisory Board.

The Advisory Board will be comprised of appointed OCB colleagues and community members. The Advisory Board will offer advice, market knowledge and local insights to assist the bank management and its board of directors in pursuit of its vision of becoming the best billion-dollar bank in the world.

“As we continue to grow, we understand the importance of gaining insights, thought leadership and perspectives from a variety of experienced trusted advisors. We are excited to create a team of community members who will offer guidance to bank management” said Shauna Gnorski, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer.

OCB colleagues that will be on the Advisory Board are Steve Peotter, President, and Chief Executive Officer; Shauna Gnorski, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; and Liz Deihs, Chief Experience Officer.

Jim Walker, a retired commercial lending OCB colleague, will serve as the Independent Chair of the Advisory Board. He has been involved with OCB for 26 years and will continue his involvement through his board position. Jim’s primary responsibility will be assembling the Advisory Board.


“I am honored to continue my involvement with One Community Bank through my position on the Advisory Board. I look forward to assembling the team of community members that will serve on this board” said Jim Walker, Advisory Board Independent Chair.

One Community Bank is actively assembling community members who are willing to share their professional insight with bank management to join its Advisory Board. If you are interested in becoming a One Community Bank Advisory Board member, please visit onecommunity.bank.


“One Community Bank believes in serving clients, supporting colleagues, and investing in our communities. The Advisory Board will contribute to the continued success of our organization by demonstrating its mission. I look forward working with our new Advisory Board members” said Steve Peotter, President and Chief Executive Officer.

For updates on OCB’s Advisory Board, visit our social media channels and the About Us tab on our website, onecommunity.bank.

Learn more at https://onecommunity.bank/about-us/advisoryboard/